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About Us


Today, in this early twenty-first century and in the most advanced time of the world, technology moves at ever-increasing speeds. The advantages of mass communications seem obvious and we all know them. It can be invaluable and are important aspects of our present individual and collective lives. 

In the wake with this time and advantages, a team of creative individuals came up with this idea of to inform, educate and entertain impartially for the public good, without puritanically limiting by any controlling forces. As the name "bagaicha" suggests itself, we are trying to reach vast viewers and so, in most of it's forms and titles, tending to feed the beliefs, opinions and often prejudices of each of those viewers. A priority of subject and contents has not been made in the context of its viewership in popularity as compared with its appeal of that of other subject. 

Traditional assumptions about values and priorities are now being increasingly challenged. Individual and social changes in opinions and in verities of taste more than in other areas, move unprecedentedly quickly nowadays. We are trying to rise above and move towards a democratic, a public, service and bringing all parts of society together in a shared sense of perfect harmony. 

We are, and will put every effort can and should to ensure that we are reaching you and your expectations. All we need is your love, support, suggestion, praise and criticism as well. This is our cyber garden, let's make it large.