Sanam Gurung

Name Sanam Gurung
Modling Sanam
Gender Female
Birth Place Culcatta, India
Ethnicity Gurung
Star Sign Taurus
Country Hong Kong
Height 5.5″
Weight 54KG
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Black

This young, gorgeous and stunning Sanam gurung was born in Calcutta, India although her family originally hail from Nepal. But she was raised in Kathmandu and did her schooling from Campaign School. Later she came to Hong Kong in 2008 and completed Form 5. Currently she is working in F&B industry.
Though this is her first photo shoot for media, she was very interested and drawn to the glamour of fashion and style from her school days. She believes that dressing up in your unique style shows your own personality but you have to be comfortable and confident.Her nature is easy and outgoing and she loves to travel a lot. She loves listening music and reading is her favorite time pass (especially books from Anne Frank).

She is also interested in politics and believes that every young generation should take interest in politics as well coz youth always comes with new ideas, new trends and new revolution. She doesn’t like some of the trends of our society, particularly the discriminatory practices on the grounds of cast when it comes to marriage. She believes that marriage should be arranged or allowed on a bond of understanding and love between two people not on the basis of same or different cast.

She says ” If we are changing with time, we should also change our society and our country as well.”






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